Your brakes, servicing
& repairs specialist

Does your caravan, trailer or vintage car need some TLC? Or perhaps you’re after a brakes expert to save the day?

I can help you with all these – and more.

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What do you need
serviced or repaired?

A Caravan

If you ask me, the only thing you should be pulling over for is to capture a shot of the setting sun.

By servicing your caravan every 12 months, I can help you prevent the dreaded roadside breakdown!


A Trailer

I service and repair all types of trailers – including boat trailers, plant trailers, works trailers, and horse floats.

My approach is highly detailed, and I always keep quality parts in my mobile van.


My vehicle’s brakes

As a specialist brake mechanic, I repair brakes in all modern vehicles too. So if your car’s brakes need an expert eye, I’m here to help. It’s what I do – day in, day out.


Caravan features &

I can give your caravan all the bells and whistles you need (or want) – so you can get even more out of your home away from home.

Vintage car
brake restorations

Need to get your old classic in top-notch condition once more? As a vintage car brake repair and restoration specialist, I’ll visit your garage to help bring new life back to your pride and joy.

For specialty vehicle services and repairs you can rely on

I’ll bring my fully-equipped, mobile van and 35 years’ experience to you – wherever you are in the South East suburbs or Mornington Peninsula.