About us

Specialty services and repairs
– for over 30 years

Hi, I’m Tim Dodd, owner and operator of Stopfast Brakes and Bearings. I’m a qualified mechanic, but I’m all about speciality services. That means I spend most of my days maintaining and servicing caravans, trailers and brakes on all modern and vintage cars. And as my business name suggests, brakes are my thing.

I started Stopfast Brakes and Bearings in 1990 to provide mobile mechanical services, specialising in brakes, bearings, suspension and steering.

Since then, I’ve honed my skills in all kinds of vehicles – especially caravans and boats. I’m all about getting your speciality vehicle running to its optimal performance so that you can rely on it, no matter where life takes you.

My service is mobile too. I visit homes and workplaces across the South East suburbs and Mornington Peninsula every day to perform all types of maintenance and repairs.

While onsite, you are welcome to watch me work. I can explain what I’m doing as I go – so you know how I’m tending to your pride and joy.

But if you want to leave me to it, that’s fine too. I’ll talk through everything you need to know once I’m done.

For specialty vehicle services and repairs you can rely on