A caravan service specialist
– who comes to you

I’ve been servicing caravans for as long as I can remember. Mechanical and electrical caravans are my specialty – so I make it my business to make yours as safe and reliable as possible. However, I also supply and install a range of caravan enhancements and features to add extra comfort to your travel adventures.

A safe driver is a happy camper

From desert plains to outback terrains, your caravan keeps you going. But over time, the brakes and bearings – among other things – can wear down.

And unlike cars, caravans don’t have dashboards that alert you to potential issues. What’s more, if you’re towing it, you’re unaware of problems like flat tyres or wheel bearing failures.

By servicing your caravan every 12 months (or 10,000km), I can help you prevent the dreaded roadside breakdown, stranded without a trusted caravan specialist at your disposal.

If you ask me, the only thing you should be stopping for is to capture a shot of the setting sun.

My mobile service is extra efficient

As a specialist, I’ve got deep expertise in all mechanical and electrical aspects of your caravan. This makes my servicing quick, systematic and highly detailed.

And because I come to you, there’s no need to hook your caravan up to a car and tow it to a mechanic’s site.

I also travel with a wide range of spare parts in my mobile van, so you won’t be left waiting for something to be ‘ordered in’. And that means you can get on the road even sooner.

An accredited Service Safe provider

The safety and reliability of your caravan is paramount. And with my Service Safe accreditation, you have true peace of mind.

As a Service Safe provider, I am contractually bound to meet the Caravan Industry Association Victoria (CIA) standards. And each year, I am audited to ensure I continue to meet these requirements.

This means I’m better equipped, better trained – and ready to offer a better service to you.

A comprehensive service

I’ll undertake any mechanical and electrical service or maintenance on your caravan’s 12-volt electrical system.

And my services are comprehensive. For your dual-axle caravan, it’ll be ready to hit the road within three hours. For a single-axle, it’ll be good to go in around two hours.

During that time, I inspect:


Breakaway system



Park brake operation


Electric brakes



Wheel bearings

Undercarriage (water tanks, fitting pipes, plumbing, battery)

For caravan servicing, repairs and enhancements you can rely on