Caravan enhancements

Let me enhance your
caravan or RV

I’m more than just a caravan mechanic. I’m also fully certified to give it all the bells and whistles you might need (or want) so you can get even more out of your caravanning experience.

Diesel heaters

Want your caravan to stay warm at night – without electricity? Then how about installing a diesel heater?

I supply and install diesel heaters from renowned German brand Webasto. That’s because professionally installed premium heaters not only add value and comfort to your van, they’re also much safer.

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Don’t risk your safety. A reliable Webasto diesel heater gives you peace of mind with its critical safety features, including:

  • Undervoltage and overvoltage cut-off
  • Overheat temperature sensor
  • Heater lockout after three failed start-ups
  • Fuel pump shut-off in the case of an error or fault

You can also enjoy a range of other benefits, such as:

  • Dry, clean heat with exceptional temperature control
  • A low power consumption of 2 Amps – so your battery will go further
  • Fuel efficiency, with a 10-litre tank offering approximately 40 hours of use

And if you need help with servicing, spare parts or warranties? I can help in that realm too.

Solar panels

Want to camp ‘off-the-grid’ for days on end? Then ask me about solar panels for your caravan.

Lightweight and environmentally friendly, you’ll be able to enjoy electricity – without needing to be near a power source. I supply and install both fixed and portable solar panels.

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Each hold their own advantages:

Fixed panels
  • Avoids the need for transport and storage
  • Uses your caravan’s roof space
  • Improves your load-carrying capacity with the ability to make use of lightweight panels
Portable panels
  • Offers more hours of sunlight (as you can follow the suns movement  throughout the day)
  • Allows you to park in the shade without missing out on solar energy

Amorphous panels: These portable panels work well in low-light or cloudy conditions. They’re flexible, lightweight and compact.

Polycrystalline panels: A fixed panel, the polycrystalline variety requires a large surface area to function – making it less efficient. This panel therefore works best when directly facing the sun.

Monocrystalline panels: These space-efficient panels have a greater temperature tolerance and are generally preferred.

Still unsure? I can help you decide which panel is best for your caravan – and install it for you.


The most common types of batteries used in caravans are lead acid deep cycle batteries.

Suitable for caravans and camper trailers alike, I’m happy to install these for you. Thanks to their 5-7-year life and high charge cycle, they’re also a cost-effective option.

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But when it comes to the latest in batteries, you can’t go past lithium.

A superior choice, their weight is only half of the lead acid deep cycle battery. With a fast recharge time and longer lifecycle, these are ideal for larger, 12-volt electrical systems.

If you’re after battery help, I can test your battery and recommend the best option if you’re after a new one.

Battery management systems

Power your adventure with a battery management system.

Protecting your battery and its ancillary equipment, a battery management system gives you control over your caravan’s battery.

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It will shut down anything that’s operating unsafely and manage your caravan’s energy consumption – so you won’t run into any unexpected troubles on your travels.

I use and recommend a BMPRO battery management system. Made in Australia, they can incorporate a solar regulator, DC input and electronic resettable fuses – all housed in one neat unit. They’ve also got a low voltage disconnect facility to protect your battery too.

Because a well-maintained battery is one that’s always charged.

Caravan sway control

As a caravan owner, you’ll be all too familiar with caravan sways. Whether it’s a sudden gust of lateral wind – or a large oncoming vehicle, every caravanner experiences these at some stage.

And the difference between a disastrous outcome and a manageable one? Sway control.

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By automatically applying the brakes in the face of a sudden sway, you will improve your towing capability and stay in charge of your vehicle.

There are three types of sway control I can install:

Dexter Sway Control

This system monitors the caravan’s sway and if detected, will apply the brakes to the problem side of your caravan. DSC offers greater control with minimal speed reduction. It also harbours a microprocessor to monitor the level of braking versus sway – and adjust accordingly.

AL-KO Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

With lateral acceleration sensors inside the unit, ESC monitors side movements and significant sways. The moment a dangerous sway is detected, it applies the brakes – allowing you to regain control as quickly as possible.

BMPRO Sway Control

Automatically stabilising your caravan in the event of a sway, this device distinguishes between safe and dangerous sways. The independent control of the left and right sides, in addition to its continual closed loop feedback, means it can quickly apply braking force.

Purple Line movers

Pack up and move your caravan with ease!

A motorised caravan mover system, Purple Line movers let you shift your caravan with a remote control – eliminating the need for a car or tow bar.

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Since hitching and dehitching is so simple, you can say goodbye to the stress of manoeuvring into tight spaces or potentially damaging your caravan or tow vehicle in the process.

The motor can be easily attached and removed. And the lightweight design makes travelling a breeze.

Plus, with all the hardware and electrical components included, these little beauties have been designed with convenience at the fore.

As an accredited installer of Purple Line movers, I can add a mover to your caravan – and make your trip stress-free!

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